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About Us




The inheritance of the brand EKASTORIES emerges as a grail in a simple girl with middle -class family orientation, learning and absorbing about life with her innocence to make the world experience India, a culture rich in the heritage of colours, art, people, architecture and festivities. The seed of the EKASTORIES is conceived and designed by Esha Uppal the Fashion designer. The ideology of the brand is nourished by her partner Karandeep Singh a prosthetic makeup artist by profession.

The Multiple scholarship holder from the pearl academy of fashion,Delhi. Esha gained an opportunity to study in   FIDM(Los Angeles), where her bow towards ready to wear fashion and digital print textiles, form, functionality shifted her interest into a self-taught mix media digital textile artist. With an expertise in accomplishing on set experience in film industry and impeccable public relation skill sense, Karan is our face card and brand    management consultant.

The life and soul language of our brand comes up with refreshing clothes in boundless form of digital art .The form of art which comes from travel history majorly to America, parts of India(Gujarat, Rajasthan, Calcutta, Kerela),Spain and Russia. 6 years of working experience with ace designers in India, help to broaden our vision of business fertility.



Our process and way of operating is old fashioned arriving from a basic problem which we need to solve through our design. For instance the same repetitive way of using Indian motifs and crafts. We cultivate the repetition with contemporary motifs and never seen before elements into our artworks to produce a range that looks cutting-edge and wearable fashion trend

To stand out, we stepped in conventional way of producing fashion.Soon, thereafter realised the need to keep our principles aligned with sustainable path of making our textiles

The fabric is sourced from Mumbai, Delhi and Korea. Cotton Bamberg is the primary cloth consumption of our brand which is a sustainable yarn and utilized to print our artworks. Digital printing saves on energy and water, unlike rotary screens in order to apply new colors, using enormous amounts of water. It produces Less waste as droplets of ink are being printed very precisely onto the fabric. Excessive use of chemicals and dyes is strictly prohibited.



At Ekastories we call our craftsmen manifesters , as they inherit the art of manufacturing the clothes with years of working proficiency to deliver a coherent collection each quarter. The brief of the season or a particular collection is examined with utmost detail and clarity without compensating the environment. Each artisan is closely connected to the design team through a chain of working.

Team of digital printing artisans scrutinize the artwork, understand the repetition pattern and then acquire the fabric for printing. The printed fabric is handed over to the skilled pattern master to be stitched as per ready to wear sizing method.

We strive for perfection and seamless details in our collection by expressing art which is made in India with love.